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Roof Cross Bar

Roof Cross Bar

Universal aluminum alloy car cross bar with lock

You have a car and try to carry whatever you can with it. But what if the stuff you want to carry doesn’t fit in your car, like bikes, mattress, building materials? The car roof rack and cross bar will come handy in this case.

Some cars come with the roof rack & cross bar, but it is not coming free. The original roof rack and cross bar is very pricy. And you have to give it out for free when you sell your used car, since none will pay more when you mention you have a roof rack.

So the best solution for this will be the universal roof rack and cross bar. From the name, you can see, it fits most (not all) the cars. You can move it to your next car if you want. It is cheaper, easy to install.

Universal doesn't mean you can blindly pick roof rack and cross bar. You still need to do some research and carefully select the one fits your vehicle. Here is how to pick the perfect roof rack and cross bar:

Check your car see if you have a roof rack

It includes 2 pieces of bar along each side of your car roof. Some cars come with it, or you can purchase it separately. This is something need to attach to your car roof, it is not easy to install, plus you don't want to damage your beautiful car. So better do it with the professionals.
Normally there are 2 types of roof rack, one is attached to the roof, there is no gap between the roof and rack, and another is separated from the roof but with 2 or 3 joints connect to the roof. The second one is the most commonly used and easy to install the cross bar. Please be careful about this, and make sure don't buy the wrong stuff.

Cross bar is the 2 pieces of bar hooked/connected to the roof rack

Since it connected to the roof rack but not the roof, it is much easier to install. Here are things you really need to pay attention before you make any purchase decision:

  • Type of your car roof rack.
    Make sure the cross bar works with roof rack, this can be done by checking the rack and all the joints.
  • What is your load most like
    This is very important; you will need to do the best estimation for the load. And make sure your load will always below the maximum recommended load. Safety always comes first!
  • What is your budget
    The cross bar has a very wide range of price, depends on the load, style, features etc. It can be from about $50 to $300.
  • The materials & shapes
    Aluminum alloy is the best material for the cross bar so far. Cross bars come in square, round, and oval (aero) shapes depending on the manufacturer and style. Lock cores are very good feature to protect the cross bar from being removed without keys.

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